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About Us
How Hoploads began
During the course of conversation in an online chat room the idea of Hoploads was discussed. A few months later Hoploads LLC was formed and the website began.
The founding member is . .
Donna Stearns
Owner of and Manager of daily operations. Donna has many years of experience in the trucking and hauling industry. Knowing what the members needs are as well as what the desires of the members are what really helps keep Hoploads on the cutting edge of the industry. Donna's vision is what started this web site and has made it the leader in the industry.
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img   img, LLC is a load posting system for hopper-bottom trucking companies. Subscribers are able to use the benefits on this online system. The benefits to the yearly subscription are as follows:
img members post a load date when the load needs to be picked up.
img Load origin and destination; Where the load picks up and delivers to.
img Light/Heavy; Product Info. Full load on the truck or not.
img Contact person; Who has the load.
img Phone number; Contact person's phone number, to get load information from them.
img Truck listing; Empty Trucks without a load. Dates and location of empty trucks looking for a subscribers will be able to pull up a list of available trucks to match up with loads.Names and phone numbers are listed so that the merchandisers can call companies directly without using brokers.
img Hoploads does not compete for loads or trucks that are listed.Our site is live and changes constantly.
Quick post buttons allow "Post only" privileges. Loads submitted to LLC, The Electronic Bulk Freight Load Service are made available for viewing on the, LLC. network by quality for hire motor carriers.

If you would like to become a member of, LLC., or have any questions, feel free to call customer service at 800.665.7432 or 660.678.0145 or Donna at 336.460.4213 (cell), or contact us by e-mail.
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